The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities in a single dialogue of a doctor / patient relationship

In the meeting of body to body, heart to heart, of a single dialogue, taking root in the consciousness of one humanity and one multiple, as taught by the “Therapy of the Soul” transmitted by Sheikh Bentounes, allows entrance into the depths of the being that helps to release the barriers to healing.

We have been able to verify that practicing the intention of a being to serve another, to recognize the dignity of every person in their original nature of being “human”, to open a space of benevolence, acceptance where everyone is on an equal level, lays the conditions for the calmest possible doctor/patient relationship and thereby therapeutic.

The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities, when it is implemented and freely lived, is one of the tools, producing wisdom from mankind, which helps to rediscover the meaning and curative value of the relationship with oneself, with others, and with society.

It is an alternative to the pyramidal vision of one who knows and the one who must comply; it is conceived in a spirit of cooperation where doctor and patient, rich or poor, knowing and ignorant are there, together, to find the best solution to a situation that questions us. Such is the richness of the passage of the culture of “I” to the culture of “we”.

Dr. Philippe Barthelet



The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities in a closed educational centre

A Closed Education Centre combines the features of an educational centre and a prison. Young people come here as part of a judge’s measured decision, instead of a prison sentence. The institution has a dual mandate to protect third parties and society while promoting resocialization and gradual reintegration of the young people it welcomes.

The challenge is to establish a framework and climate susceptible to leading young people to a progressive autonomy and responsible freedom. A prerequisite: to create a partnership relationship in a forced help system. It is for this purpose that talking circles have been introduced in the spirit of the Circle of virtues and qualities.

The aim is threefold: to offer young people a space for expression and reflection, educate professionals in the advantages of such areas, and promote the creation of a partnership.

The dynamics of the circle settles the focus to join the youth where they are by carefully listening and regularly inviting them to position themselves in relation to what is said, by the exchange of views, by the proposal of perspectives, by the acceptance and recall of constraints.

Talking circles are one of many aspects of the Center that promote the partnership between professionals and youth involvement. They contribute to the development of a participatory dynamic rich in complementarities of all sectors and of all institutional stakeholders, including the residents.

Gabriel Baechler



Educational Innovation by the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities

Background and Objectives
Faced with difficulties in professional integration and social change, young people find it increasingly difficult to orientate themselves and integrate professionally; torn between the desire for personal growth and the need to find a job. The conclusion at the university is a lack of motivation and work, and an alarming failure rate, partly due to difficulties of orientation choices.

Putting into practice the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities requires rethinking traditional teaching method. Through the rules of the circle, each student is required to take a position that they assume as their personal potential (innate) and their skills. The disposition in circle and the function of guardian of the time have had an immediate impact on the quality of relationships within the group, the establishment of a climate of trust and the channelling of energies. The human has become the heart of learning. The function of guardian of the memory enabled everyone to get involved in collecting knowledge, and then sharing it with all. There is no longer the teacher who “knows” and who dispenses knowledge to students. The teacher is one of the Circle; every one brings their expertise and knowledge[1].

Results and Perspectives
This experiment with a group of 24 students for three years, has shown its strengths. The method will be extended to the university academic year 2016-2017 in three other sectors. As part of an aid to vocational guidance and the fight against failure, a project to be submitted to the higher education authorities is currently being developed.

[1]This is especially true with the availability of online encyclopaedic knowledge in all areas.

Nadia Abchiche-Mimouni
Lecturer at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne



The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities: university education in teaching at primary school

This tool promoted by the Association of the Therapy of the Soul has been tested for several years in the universities of Cergy-Pontoise and Paris South as part of the training for a Masters in school teaching as well as in primary classes of the Academy of Versailles.

At University
The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities was used in the universities of Cergy-Pontoise and Paris South since 2010.

Fourth academic year: the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities was used in the Master 1 training of school teaching and preparation of the PERC contest in mathematics. Excellent results were obtained, most of the time higher than the average success rate.

Fifth academic year: the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities was used in the context of subject teaching in mathematics Master 2. Furthermore memories implementing innovative actions in mathematics education have been made, for example (1), (2), (3).

Note also that a workshop at the symposium of the International Conference for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Education was established in 2011 in Barcelona. (CIEAEM 63) (4)

At primary school
The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities has been used since 2012 in many schools of the Academy of Versailles for a better functioning of the class group (self-management, development and cooperation) and mathematics to introduce new concepts or for final pooling in research problems.

Dr Younés Aberkane
Université de Cergy Pontoise

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The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities, cultural management tool

The Festival of the 5 Continents exists since 1994 in Martigny, a small town of 18,000 inhabitants in the Swiss Alps with 110 nationalities and a foreign population of 35%. Over the years, the festival has become a key event in the Canton of Valais with over 20,000 visitors each year.

The Festival’s aim is to promote the discovery of world cultures and strengthen intercultural and intergenerational living together. From the start it is citizen commitment and citizen involvement that constitutes the living force of the event. Over the years, the Festival integrates a Forum for a Culture of Peace, current films, a Souk with partner associations in solidarity action, exhibitions, activities for children … In 2008 the Festival became an association with objectives “Organizing a festival or event to promote the discovery and encounter between peoples and cultures. Set up a shared space for a culture of peace encouraging citizen involvement, respect for difference, unity of beings and respect for the Earth. The Festival constitutes an action to cultivate hope”.

The excellent tool permitting the creation of this event has always been “The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities” promoted by the Association “Therapy of the soul”. It has permitted working in complementarity, respecting our differences one from the other and being united around a common project that can be synthesized as follows:

  • Create a cultural and socio-cultural event based on the essential values to which aspires a large part of humanity:   pluralism, fairness, sacredness of life, respect for the environment, wisdom and peace, that is to say permit a communal VISION unifying links and that feeds the awareness that humanity is one.
  • Contribute through the festival to a realization that a fraternal bond based on the Culture of Peace is possible.
  • Offer – through civic engagement – an egalitarian positioning of living together. Permit citizens, associations, institutions, NGOs, youth groups, local schools and institutions to join this common experience.
  • Démonstrate by actions of the Festival the ability of each of us to act in synergy for the development of all participants on the intellectual, social and socio-cultural levels.
  • Favour those who unite citizens, those who appease, who gather together without resembling each other, those who work together, those who vehicle respect.
  • Give participants the opportunity, in their daily lives, to replicate the experience of the 5 Continents in other events and organizations around the Valais, Switzerland, the world….

Mads Olesen
Délégué aux Affaires Culturelles
Programmateur et Coordinateur du Festival des 5 Continents



Circle of Virtues and Qualities within the framework of Management and Governance

The working world has suffered since the industrial era from the Pyramid Scheme, whatever the mode of leadership or management. For more than forty years many have questioned both power in labour relations and the principles of political and economic governance.

Management by the Circle of Virtues and Qualities: a human adventure, an energy to be shared.

The Circle of Virtues and Qualities reconnects with a global vision of the human being. It is in giving priority to the values of the human qualities of each person in the dynamics of the Circle that the operational and technical skills are synergistically potentiated.

This new language appears to be universal, we have verified it by various multicultural groups in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Benin, Morocco and Algeria. The relevance of the Circle of Virtues and Qualities is proven to be effective in the direction of the institution, supervision of teams, management of associations and the organization of international seminars with partners residing on several continents. The universal and unifying aspect of the Circle of Virtues and Qualities made these projects possible.

Some simple operating rules.

When the circle is practiced in an environment where the objective is to produce concrete work, two rules become crucial. This does not reduce the importance of the other instructions still being respected:

  • The notion of intention, tied to the vision: determines what we have to do together.
  • End-of-session evaluation, tied to ethics: evaluates how we have acted together.

“It would be sufficient to think that the general states of the world are achievable …”

  1. Attali “Tomorrow who will rule the world? » Fayard 2011

When the Circle of Virtues and Qualities is lived with the awareness that we are part of an inseparable humanity it opens us up to a collective intelligence and increases our perception of reality.

The Circle does not answer the question of J. Attali in his book, “Tomorrow Who Will Govern the World?” Nevertheless it proposes how humanity can be governed.

Philippe Mottet
President of the International Institute META