The Dynamics of the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities

In a Circle, each point on the circumference is located equidistant from the centre. The centre is the place towards which all the points converge; it is the receiver and distributer of each one’s contribution.

Thus, contrary to the dynamics of the pyramid, which puts the summit in opposition with the base, the Circle sets up an egalitarian position among all the people who are oriented towards a common centre. It puts in synergy the reflection, energies, emotions, knowledge….No person is the all; everyone is a stakeholder. The Circle provides a common vision that unifies links, nourishes and fortifies consciences.

In the image of a living organism, the Circle starts interaction between all its components. Each partner is a dynamic engendered by the Circle where each point is both the beginning and end of the circumference, first and last whether by its participation or by its inertia.