A tool at the service of all

The Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities is a tool that allows everyone to express and develop their potential in a spirit of complementarity. This put in synergy allows the emergence of a carrier creativity of solutions and benefits for all.

More than ever, we need a new look in order to generate and carry forward together a profound transformation of society. Humanity today is faced with problems of all kinds that lead us towards the rupture, look at the catastrophe: everyone is witness every day to the damage caused by the loss of meaning, individualism, lack of social ties, lack of confidence in the future and the feelings of emptiness and helplessness.

Our world today is based on a pyramidal structure based on an opposition between the summit made by the elite which distributes the power and the holdings, and the base which delegates and finds itself helpless. This automatically creates inequalities and conflicts. As an alternative to this pyramidal system, Therapy of the Soul proposes the tool of the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities which recognizes the unity of one humanity as a living subject, social and political, responsible for regulating the world in the interests of everyone. In competition with the pyramidal vision it substitutes it with cooperation, for destructive individualism it substitutes with constructive altruism and generator of benefits, a collective intelligence promoting shared knowledge. To move from a culture that divides the world, door open to conflict, to a human reading, fraternal to our world, door open to dialogue, welcoming all aspects of life and bringing peace. Therapy of the soul has drawn from universal wisdom and spiritualty.

This model is not utopian:  it is actually being applied successfully in various fields such as training, education, university educational research, youth organizations, project management, psychotherapy, medicine and in the prison environment.