In his book “Fraternity in heritage“, Sheikh Khaled Bentounes wrote: “It seems to me that the revival of a planetary consciousness has started […] This new consciousness falls within the circle. Not a summit that decides and a base that executes, but a new relationship between people founded on a common awareness, unifying, responsible, and symbolized by the figure of the circle: a circumference where everyone orientates themselves towards the centre occupied by life itself. Place of exchange between all men, each of us can draw there in terms of what he himself brought. “

By raising awareness and in forming the practice of the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities, each has the opportunity to contribute in their measure to the emergence of this planetary consciousness.

The Association organizes formations to the Circle of awakening to virtues and qualities to suit your needs. These are an opportunity for participants to learn the art of opening a circle, living in it and of closing it.