Sheikh Bentounes

Heir to a long spiritual chain going back to the Prophet Muhammad, Sheikh Bentounes is a writer, teacher and conference speaker who travels the world as a messenger of peace.

He is the great-grand-son of Sheikh Ahmad Al-‘Alâwî (1869-1934) recognized as one of the greatest sages of the 20th century.

His teaching is universal, nondenominational. It tends to favour the awakening of an inner eye.

For many years, Sheikh Khaled Bentounes travels the world in order to transmit the traditional teaching of Sufism (tasawwuf in Arabic). He stresses that “If Islam is the body, Sufism is the heart.”

Man of dialogue, his opinions are sought by policymakers and spiritual leaders, most recently at the Summit of Conscience in Paris. Man of action, he is the initiator of the International Day of Living Together. He bears witness to a Culture of Peace and fraternity to unite each other’s efforts in order to reach a common denominator, nourished by shared universal values.

D004Spiritual Leader, Sheikh Bentounes is part of a long Sufi tradition: he is the 46th spiritual leader of the Alâwiyya Sufi Order. This uninterrupted spiritual chain (Silsila) goes back through time, from master to master, right to the Prophet Muhammad.

Since he assumed the function of guide of the Alâwiyya Sufi Order, he has contributed to the creation of a significant number of organizations dedicated to youth, peace, the environment and the establishment of a reflection for Better Living Together. He has participated in hundreds of international meetings to make concrete proposals on major social issues. He invites everyone to good works through the Circle of Virtues and Qualities.

Sheikh Bentounes works to transmit the Culture of Peace and Living Together through a living spirituality.



9782226220431gTherapy of the Soul

In the light of spiritual teachings drawn from the universal wisdom of Su sm, Sheikh Khaled Bentounes invites us to rediscover the essential dimension of our original nature, the tra, which our cultural conditioning eventually overshadows.

The Su vision of the therapy of the soul is to journey towards the centre of the being by an education of awakening of the senses and of the alive. This liberates the human soul from its base instincts, its fears and its illusory desires.

Man can then become aware of the precious treasures concealed in his being since the day God decided, according to Quranic tradition, to make him his representative (Khalifa) on earth. Assum- ing this responsibility, he cooperates with full con dence to the divine plan and to his own destiny.

Therapy of the Soul upsets many misconceptions and questions on the essence of human nature.